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Substitute Instructions


  1. The Ionia County ISD'S Staff Managment Coordinator is Sue Harvey. She can be reached at (616) 527-4900, ext. 1269.
  2. Call Sheriff’s Department at 616-527-5737 to make an appointment.
  3. Come to the Ionia County ISD to pick up a livescan fingerprint request form.
  4. Return Livescan Form to ICISD once you have been fingerprinted (you will not be activated in the ICISD system until this form is returned to the ISD).

    If you have been fingerprinted through another school district, download the Criminal History Release form and return to Sue Harvey at your earliest convenience.

    Click here for the Release form.

    PCMI will not start your second phase of paperwork until the results are received by ICISD.

  5. PCMI will contact you to complete the second phase of paperwork.


Additional Substitute Forms